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What Are the Strongest Pokémon Cards?

Pokemon card games have been in circulation since 1996, and have since become an extremely popular collectible item for kids as well as adults. Pokemon Cards have a long-standing history and a lot of them have become popular throughout the many years. While certain cards are worth the price in gold, other cards aren’t so great. When it comes to the best Pokemon cards there are certain cards that stand out among the other. This article we’ll examine some of the best Pokemon cards throughout the years and explain the reasons they are so effective.


Pikachu is perhaps the most well-known and well-known Pokemon ever. It’s not surprising to find that among the most powerful Pokemon card games is Pikachu. Its Pikachu Holo Rare card from the Base Set is one of the most sought-after Pokemon cards ever created and some are worth more than 100,000 dollars. It is so scarce and valuable due to the fact that it is the only holographic card available in the Base Set. It allows Pikachu to unleash his distinctive Thunder attack, which deals an incredible 50 damages to its adversaries. This card is an absolute must-have for anyone who is serious about collecting.


Charizard is another well-known Pokemon which has been around since its beginning. Its Holo rare card in the Base Set is among the most powerful cards available in the game. The card comes with a strong attack, known as Fire Spin, which does 50 damage, and also has a 50 percent chance of burning your Pokemon of the opponent. The card is sought-after by collectors and can fetch lots of dollars.


Blastoise is another extremely powerful card in The Base Set. It has an attack called the Hydro Pump attack that does 50 damage and has a fifty percent chance of paralyzing your opponent’s Pokemon. The card is highly sought-after by collectors and is worth lots of dollars.


Machamp is a strong card from the base Set. Machamp is a card that includes an attack called the Cross Chop attack, which can cause 50 damage, and also has an opportunity of 50% of paralyzing a Pokemon’s opponent. This card is sought-after by collectors and can fetch a substantial amount of dollars.


Magikarp is an odd choice. The card might not look like anything, but it’s in fact one of the strongest cards that you can find. This Magikarp Holo Rare card from the Base Set is one of the most important Pokemon cards ever produced and some are worth more than 100,000 dollars. The card comes with an attack called the Bounce Attack, that can cause 50 damage, and is 50% likely of paralyzing your opponent’s Pokemon. This card is sought-after by collectors and can fetch many dollars.


Gyarados is another extremely powerful card in the base Set. The Gyarados card comes with an attack called the Hydro Pump attack which can cause 50 damage, and offers a 50% chance of paralyzing the Pokemon opponent. This card is sought-after by collectors, and is worth a significant amount of dollars.


These are only a handful of the best Pokemon cards of the decades. Pokemon cards are a classic with a long story and these are only a handful of ones that became legendary through the decades. If you’re a collector, or playing they are certain to add a lot potential to the collection. In all the range from Pikachu and Magikarp to Gyarados the cards are guaranteed to be a huge hit.

Exploring the Benefits of Aldi Talk and E-Plus

Aldi Talk is the prepaid mobile plan that is provided by Aldi the German retailer chain. It allows customers to make calls and text messages and also access the internet. It’s a low-cost alternative to the traditional mobile plans. However, E-Plus is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that is controlled by Telefonica Germany. It offers postpaid and prepaid mobile services, and permits users to connect to websites and place phone calls. In this post, we’ll look at the benefits of Aldi Talk and E-Plus, and also their weaknesses.

What Is Aldi Talk?

Aldi Talk is an prepaid mobile service provided by Aldi which is a German grocery chain. The plan lets users make calls and text messages and connect to the internet. It’s a cheaper alternative to mobile plans that are more traditional. It is a cheaper alternative to traditional mobile plans. Aldi Talk plan is available in three plans. The  Mini package is the most basicone, providing 300 minutes worth of talking time and 300 text messages along with 500MB of storage at EUR9.99 monthly. The ‚Medium‘ plan offers 1500 minutes for talktime as well as 1,500 text messages along with 1GB of information at EUR14.99 monthly. The „Max“ package includes 3000 minutes of talk time as well as 3,000 text messages as well as 2GB of data for EUR19.99 each month.

What Is E-Plus?

E-Plus is an operator of mobile virtual networks (MVNO) that is operated by Telefonica Germany. It offers postpaid and prepaid mobile services that allow users to connect to online and to make phone calls. E-Plus provides a range of plans, from basic to more extensive. The the most basic plan, ‚E Plus Basic‘, comes with 1400 minutes of talk time along with 600 text messages along with 1GB of storage at EUR9.99 monthly. Other plans, like „E-Plus Plus“ have more expansive plans, including 4000 minutes of talk time and 2,400 text messages along with 3GB of storage at EUR19.99 monthly.

The Benefits of Aldi Talk

The primary advantage for Aldi Talk is its affordability. Its plans are much less costly than conventional mobile plans, which makes them an a viable option for people seeking to cut costs. Furthermore, Aldi Talk offers flexible plans. Customers can pick one that is best suited to their budget and needs. In addition, Aldi Talk offers excellent customer support. Customers can reach out to an agent from customer service if they have any questions or require assistance.

The Benefits of E-Plus

E-Plus provides a number of advantages over other plans. First, it provides various plans, which allows customers to pick the plan most suitable to their needs. Furthermore, E-Plus has excellent coverage and good coverage across the majority of Germany. Additionally, E-Plus offers competitive prices which makes it a great choice for customers seeking a low-cost mobile plan. In addition, E-Plus offers excellent customer service with a friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to assist with all questions.

Aldi Talk and E-Plus Bundle

Aldi Talk and E-Plus offer an offer of a bundle. The bundle combines the advantages of both plans and costs EUR19.99 monthly. With this plan, customers will receive 2400 minutes in talk time as well as 2400 text messages and 3GB of storage. This plan is great to those seeking an affordable mobile plan that comes with large data allowances.

Limitations of Aldi Talk and E-Plus

Despite their strengths Both Aldi Talk and E-Plus have some drawbacks. First of all, both plans offer only limited coverage beyond Germany. Furthermore the plans are both prepay, which means that customers have to be able to pay for services in advance. In addition, both plans come with only a limited number of customer service options, offering the only limited number of representatives for customer service available. Furthermore, both plans provide only limited data allowances, which means that customers could run out of data very quickly.


Aldi Talk and E-Plus are two top mobile plans available in Germany. Both plans come with a wide range of benefits, such as the affordability, large allowances for data, and flexible plans. But both plans have some drawbacks like only limited coverage outside Germany and limited customer service options and limitations on data allowances. However, they’re an appealing option for those who are looking for an inexpensive mobile plan.

How to Save a Word Document as a JPEG

There could be a moment that you’d like to give the contents of a Word document in an image that anyone could open. The problem is that you cannot export your Word document in JPEG or JPG however there are other easy solutions. Here are some.

Convert a Single Page to JPEG

If you’ve got an Word document that is only one page, or if you’re looking to take just one particular page of the document, you could use a screenshot application like Snip & Sketch for Windows or Screenshot for Mac.

One of the first things you’ll need to do is increase the zoom in your Word document to ensure that all of the document is displayed on the screen. This can be accomplished by altering the zoom slider on the status bar to the negative symbol. There’s no specific recommendation for percent, but just make sure that the entire document is in view.

When the page is fully visible and the page fully visible, make sure you type „Snip & Sketch“ in the Windows search bar. Start the Snip and Sketch Tool and select „New“ or press Cmd+Shift+4 on a Mac to launch the Screenshot application.

The crosshairs will show up across your display. Drag and click the crosshairs to take every page in your Word document.

If the program you’re running is Snip & Sketch on Windows choose the floppy disk icon in order to copy the sketch to. Mac users should choose“File > Export.

Give the image a name and then select „JPEG“ from the file type menu. After that you can click „Save.“

Paste Text as a JPEG in Word on Windows

As we’ve mentioned before, it isn’t possible to convert a documents file in the form of JPEG. However it is possible to could highlight text within your Word document then create a photo in PNG format and then convert it into JPEG.

Then, open the document you wish to save as the JPEG within Word. After that highlight and copy the text you want to preserve to an image. You can copy the chosen text in Windows by pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard, or clicking on the text with the right click and selecting „Copy.“

After that, you can create a new document by clicking the File menu, then New Document and finally Blank.

Right-click the blank document, and then select option Picture copy option. The button appears as an image of a clipboard, with an image on it.

While the text you pasted will appear identical to the way you copy it when you press the word the image, a box will be created around the image, allowing you to change its size, its rotation and text wrapping.

After that, right-click on the image and choose „Save as Picture“ from the pop-up menu.

An Save As Picture dialog box will open. Within it, select the location the image should be saved. To save your image, then type in the name of the file, select „JPEG File Interchange Format“ from the Save as Type drop-down menu and then select“Save“ „Save“ button.

You’ve successfully saved the Microsoft Word document as a JPEG.

Paste Text as a JPEG in Word on Mac

The steps to save Your Word Doc to JPEG on Mac are nearly identical to the steps described in the earlier section. But, Word on Mac names certain features in a different way as it does on Windows.

Reverse the steps of the earlier section of taking the text you’d like to convert to JPEG and opening a fresh blank document. After that, right-click into an empty space and choose „Paste Special.“

Select“PDF“ from the „PDF“ option from the As section, follow“OK. „OK“ button.

The text you copied from your initial Word document will be added as an uneditable object. If you click on it the text will be displayed in a box within the block.

Right-click the PDF block, and then select“Save as Picture“ from the menu „Save as Picture“ option.

Then, in the Save menu that opens change the name of the image to whatever you want, select the location you’d like to save it, and alter your Save type change to „JPEG,“ and then hit“Save. „Save“ button.

How To Rotate An Image In OpenOffice Writer

OpenOffice allows you to insert images into Writer documents. But, if you want for images to turn after inserting them however, the process isn’t easy. We’ll help you rotate an image using OpenOffice Writer.

How do I insert images into OpenOffice Writer

We’ll assume that you already own an image within your PC. Insert images into OpenOffice Writer by first placing your cursor on the page in which you want to insert the image.

  1. Click on the Insert menu, and then choose Picture From File. From File….
  2. Browse to the image you want to open and then click on the „Open“button.

Your image should be displayed in the document in the way you want it to.

How do you turn an OpenOffice image upside down Writer

Without assistance from another application, OpenOffice can only flip images. It is unable to rotate them. If you’re only looking to change the direction of your image you can do it with The picture toolbar. If you’re required to rotate your image, we’ll go over this later in the section.

In the event that you find that the Image toolbar isn’t showing when you upload an image in the program, it is possible to access it using the View menu. Select the toolbars and then Pictures..

  1. Choose the image you want to use by clicking it. On the Picture toolbar There are two icons that permit you to flip your image vertically or horizontally. The buttons look similar to an horizontal and vertical one, each with gold bands that run across the top of them.
  2. When you hover across the buttons you will notice tooltips that read the flip is horizontal as well as Vertically flip. Press an appropriate icon to turn the image.

The toolbar for pictures is available in OpenOffice Writer.

Be aware that flipping the image doesn’t do anything to turn the image around in circles. The image is only flipped left and right , or upwards and downwards.

How do I rotate an image using OpenOffice Writer?

To rotate images in OpenOffice Writer, we’ll need to use the aid from an external application. There are numerous software applications that rotate images. Certain are integrated with your PC, for instance the Preview application on Mac computers.

For OpenOffice Writer, you can rotate your image using Draw. Draw application. It is also possible to do this using the Impress app, however we’ll be focusing on the Draw application in this guide.

OpenOffice Writer open: OpenOffice Writing open, you can:

  1. Navigate to the File menu.
  2. Click New…
  3. Simply click the Drawing OpenOffice Draw to start OpenOffice Draw.

The procedure for inserting images into Draw is similar to how the procedure for inserting images into Documents written in Writer.

  1. Click on Insert in the Menu for Insert.
  2. Click Picture
  3. Click to open the to download….
  4. Browse for your photo and then select it.
  5. Hit to open the open button.

An image prior to having been rotated.

The image should show up in your Drawing document. The image can be rotated:

  1. Click the image and select the image. You will see three small circular green dots (handles) along the entire image’s four edges.
  2. Click the image once and again. The green squares that surround the image should turn to red dots. These red dots are the handles you’ll be using for rotating the picture.
  3. When you hover your mouse over one of the red dots, the cursor will change into an open circle with an arrow at the ends. If you’re not seeing that circular cursor, keep your mouse with your fingers on the red dot and move it every so gently until the cursor changes to a circular one.
  4. The red dot can be moved within circles to the left or right until your image is in the direction you would like the image to appear at.

The image was created in OpenOffice Draw with the red rotating dots in motion. Notice the circle cursor that is around the dot on the top.

If you’re looking for the image’s rotation to be more, simply click the image twice until you can see the red dots. You can then follow the same procedure to rotate it slightly more.

When an image is rotated the dots and squares don’t rotate along with it. They remain in the exact place they were in when you began the rotation.

If you click on an image and it rotates three times or more ensure that you are inside the image. If you click outside of the image, but inside the square that is represented by the green squares they will not transform to red dots. Click on the image in its entirety regardless of the angle it is positioned at.

The image is after it has been rotated.

How do I move the image that has been rotated back to Writer

The process of transferring the image rotated back to OpenOffice Writer is simple.

  1. in OpenOffice Draw, once your image is rotated in the way you want it to be, you can use Command + A (Windows) or Command + A (Mac) to select the image.
  2. When you have the image selected With the image selected, press Command and C (Windows) or Command + C (Mac) to copy the image.
  3. Return to the place within your Writer document where you would like the image rotated to appear. Utilize the keys Control and V (Windows) or Command + V (Mac) to copy the image in your document.

If you’re uncomfortable using keyboard shortcuts to copy, select, and paste an image You can accomplish the same thing making use of these menu commands:

  • edit menu in OpenOffice Draw > Select All to choose the image.
  • Modify menu on OpenOffice Drawing > Copy to copy the image from Draw.
  • Modify menu in OpenOffice Writer > Paste to paste the image inside the Writer document.

The image should be pasted into your Writer document in its rotated position exactly as you did in Draw.

Last note on rotation of OpenOffice Writer images

If, instead the application OpenOffice Draw you utilize another app other than OpenOffice that rotates the photo, you might have to export it from the app to your computer. This process can differ, according to the specific program you are using to perform the rotation.

Follow the steps at the start of this article to navigate through the image that has been rotated and then insert it into the Writer document.

The easiest way to do this is to complete the entire process with OpenOffice. Drawing and Writing programs were designed to be used together and quickly manage rotating and inserting your images.