Bitcoin scam – Russian state hackers in the sights of US authorities

Dasvidania, tovaritch! – In Russia, computer hacking is taken very seriously since specialized teams exist in this area. For their part, the United States did not appreciate the cyberattacks on their territory and accuses 6 “official” Russian hackers of having carried them out.

Professional hackers on the move?

The GRU is the general intelligence directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation .

In a document recently made public by the American justice system, 6 members of these Russian official services are accused of piracy , in particular within the military unit 74455 .

These 6 computer experts are said to be the authors of the virus nicknamed „NotPetya“ . The latter would have caused no less than $ 10 billion in damage, according to the indictment.

This virus is particularly involved in the cut of an electricity network in Ukraine, to have sowed chaos in the computer infrastructures of the 2018 Olympic Games in South Korea, but also to have paralyzed the computer systems of a chain of ‚hospitals in western Pennsylvania.

“This series of cyberattacks is the most destructive, costly and resounding ever. » , Scott Brady, United States Attorney of Pennsylvania

NotPetya, even more vicious than classic ransomware

The name of this virus actually shows that it is different from “Petya” , another older, ransomware type , from which it apparently drew heavily.

This is because NotPetya not only encrypts data from infected computers like its predecessor, but even if the victims pay the demanded bitcoin ransom , the files and computer systems are simply not recoverable .

Whether they are members of the Russian military group or not, the group of hackers responsible for these cyber attacks is known by cyber security experts as the „Sandworm Team“ .

Russia has repeatedly denied claims by the United States that it orchestrated these cyberattacks.

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