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How to Save a Word Document as a JPEG

There could be a moment that you’d like to give the contents of a Word document in an image that anyone could open. The problem is that you cannot export your Word document in JPEG or JPG however there are other easy solutions. Here are some.

Convert a Single Page to JPEG

If you’ve got an Word document that is only one page, or if you’re looking to take just one particular page of the document, you could use a screenshot application like Snip & Sketch for Windows or Screenshot for Mac.

One of the first things you’ll need to do is increase the zoom in your Word document to ensure that all of the document is displayed on the screen. This can be accomplished by altering the zoom slider on the status bar to the negative symbol. There’s no specific recommendation for percent, but just make sure that the entire document is in view.

When the page is fully visible and the page fully visible, make sure you type „Snip & Sketch“ in the Windows search bar. Start the Snip and Sketch Tool and select „New“ or press Cmd+Shift+4 on a Mac to launch the Screenshot application.

The crosshairs will show up across your display. Drag and click the crosshairs to take every page in your Word document.

If the program you’re running is Snip & Sketch on Windows choose the floppy disk icon in order to copy the sketch to. Mac users should choose“File > Export.

Give the image a name and then select „JPEG“ from the file type menu. After that you can click „Save.“

Paste Text as a JPEG in Word on Windows

As we’ve mentioned before, it isn’t possible to convert a documents file in the form of JPEG. However it is possible to could highlight text within your Word document then create a photo in PNG format and then convert it into JPEG.

Then, open the document you wish to save as the JPEG within Word. After that highlight and copy the text you want to preserve to an image. You can copy the chosen text in Windows by pressing Ctrl+C on your keyboard, or clicking on the text with the right click and selecting „Copy.“

After that, you can create a new document by clicking the File menu, then New Document and finally Blank.

Right-click the blank document, and then select option Picture copy option. The button appears as an image of a clipboard, with an image on it.

While the text you pasted will appear identical to the way you copy it when you press the word the image, a box will be created around the image, allowing you to change its size, its rotation and text wrapping.

After that, right-click on the image and choose „Save as Picture“ from the pop-up menu.

An Save As Picture dialog box will open. Within it, select the location the image should be saved. To save your image, then type in the name of the file, select „JPEG File Interchange Format“ from the Save as Type drop-down menu and then select“Save“ „Save“ button.

You’ve successfully saved the Microsoft Word document as a JPEG.

Paste Text as a JPEG in Word on Mac

The steps to save Your Word Doc to JPEG on Mac are nearly identical to the steps described in the earlier section. But, Word on Mac names certain features in a different way as it does on Windows.

Reverse the steps of the earlier section of taking the text you’d like to convert to JPEG and opening a fresh blank document. After that, right-click into an empty space and choose „Paste Special.“

Select“PDF“ from the „PDF“ option from the As section, follow“OK. „OK“ button.

The text you copied from your initial Word document will be added as an uneditable object. If you click on it the text will be displayed in a box within the block.

Right-click the PDF block, and then select“Save as Picture“ from the menu „Save as Picture“ option.

Then, in the Save menu that opens change the name of the image to whatever you want, select the location you’d like to save it, and alter your Save type change to „JPEG,“ and then hit“Save. „Save“ button.