How to make millions of dollars on Ethereum?

How to make millions of dollars on Ethereum? Hack, but also ransom: nothing scares him!

Greedy, when you’ve got us – Last Monday, Nexus Mutual’s CEO was the target of an $8 million hack. Despite an offer of rewards against the return of the funds, the attacker tried to negotiate a ransom of $2.8 million.
Hugh Karp’s hack

On Monday 14 December, Hugh Karp, CEO of Nexus Mutual was the target of a hacking attack, which cost him $8 million in NXM tokens.

Some of the funds have already been laundered, according to a study conducted by Scorechain. Investigations revealed that they had been Crypto Nation Pro converted to wNXM (a wrapped version of NXM), then to ETH, which in turn were converted to renBTC, then to BTC. As a result, the thug is believed to currently hold 147 BTCs.

Hugh Karp quickly tried to negotiate with the hacker, offering him a reward of $300,000 in exchange for the return of the $8 million. An offer that apparently did not convince the hacker.

A hacker who thinks big in negotiations

Despite Karp’s tempting proposal, the hacker doesn’t seem to want to return the funds so easily, according to Cointelegraph. The latter shared, via an Ethereum transaction, his conditions:

„Hello, Hugh! I won’t sell any more wNXM until the wNXM recovers its value or until you send me 4,500 ETH. If you need to negotiate with me, send me a message via my ETH address. (…) You are rich, Hugh. »

Instead of the proposed $300,000, the hacker therefore hopes to recover the equivalent of $2.8 million. In any case, there is nothing in the proposal about whether he will then return the funds or just stop converting them at the decentralised exchange places.

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